One of the biggest myths surrounding auto insurance today is that it is a fixed cost and the rates you initially get as a first time driver are what you can expect to pay in the future. The truth, however, is that insurance is a variable cost and one that you can typically have reduced considerably and much more often than you would imagine.

Hi, my name is Mark Neuman, insurance specialist at Mark Neuman Insurance Agency Inc. This month’s article focuses on foursimple tips that could save you big when shopping for auto insurance in the Ottawa and Brockville Ontario area.

Feel free to contact our Ottawa location at 613-723-5880 or our auto insurance quote team in our Brockville location at 613-345-5880 for a free no obligation quote now. We are available 24/7 call in, click in, walk in, mail in.Rest assured, my team and I will be looking for every discount we can offer you to get the best competitive rate on your auto insurance.

Here are four valuable tips about auto insurance that can save you hundreds of dollars a month in Ontario:


  • Tip 1: Always Ask about Additional Discounts – most people forget to ask about auto insurance discounts When you are working with any type of insurance broker, it’s very important that you ask about potential discounts that you can take advantage of. There are a lot of discounts that are not frequently talked about that you can use to lower your monthly insurance payment or get the best coverage that meets your needs. Some of these discounts include safe driver discounts for those who have never been in an accident, low travel discounts for those that often take public transportation or work very close to home, and others such as having an anti-theft device installed in your vehicle.


  • Tip 2:  Consider Raising Your Deductible - One way that you can save on your premiums(the amount that you pay yearly to your auto insurance provider) is by increasing the deductible. The deductible is the amount you have to pay for any repairs before the insurance will take over. For example, if you have a $1,000 deductible you have to pay the first $1,000 in repairs before your insurance provider will pay for anything. If you live very close to home or do not drive that often (especially if you are a senior), increasing your deductible can drastically cut down your premium without adding much risk.


  • Tip 3:Check Rates Before Purchasing A New Car - If you plan on buying a new car in the future, whether it is for you, your spouse or your child to drive, check rates online for that particular make and model to get a general sense of what you will be paying for insurance. Different years and cars can result in vastly different premiums, especially if the car is considered a classic or a luxury car because these may be targeted during auto theft more than a standard sedan.

  • Tip 4: Work With a Dedicated Agentand Team - There are a lot of auto insurance sites to help you sort through Ontario auto insurance providers, but there are many drawbacks to using the internet to get your insurance. With a dedicated agent you will be able to meet with someone face to face to discuss your driving history, vehicles, and other details so they can work to insure you individually and get the most discounts possible compared to online insurance that simply uses an algorithm to determine rates.


Contact us today to get the best coverage that meet your auto insurance needs. With over 38 combined years’ experience helping individuals and businesses with auto insurance in Ontario, we understand that many families have a long list of financial obligations to meet, and cannot spend a lot on auto insurance. 

Rest assured, my team and I will be looking for every discount we can offer you to get the best competitive rate on your auto insurance.  Our Specialty Is:

  • Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, ATV Insurance, Snowmobile Insurance and Trail Bike etc. 

Besides Auto Insurance, my highly experienced team and I can also help you with the best insurance policy on:

  • Tenant Insurance, Home Owner Insurance, Landlord Insurance, Property & Casualty Insurance, House Insurance and Rental Insurance, Business Insurance, Insurance etc.

We now have two locations in Ontario to serve you better. Call Mark Neuman Insurance Agency Inc.right now to get more discounts:

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