We are glad to announce that ClickGem Casino (CGCASINO.APP) has just launched the beta for Android and iOS. A web game version (HTML5) for instant playing in the browser will launch when we release our platform officially!


CGCASINO.APP is an online gambling platform which accepts players to gamble with other players directly using all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies they have. Our online gambling platform is special and different from others because we create separate game servers for each different currency, this means each game server will support the players to gamble with a separate currency corresponding to a currency supported in our multi-currency wallet. When players gamble on our gambling platform, they will gamble with other players directly using currencies they have in own wallet. There is no need to exchange to a unique currency (in-game currency) and then exchange currency back when they withdraw. We think this method will change the way people play online gambling and attract more people to join play our online gambling games.


Although this is a beta version, players still can deposit and play with real money. Of course, they still can withdraw the money they deposited or won from other players. However, we recommend that players should not deposit too much money into the game and thus should not play with big blinds because the game may still have bugs.

For players who are not ready to deposit to play with real money, we also have a demo/free game server so they can play without deposit money (each account will have a demo amount to play). Also, deposit and withdraw features are disabled in this demo/free game server.


Parallel with this event is a bug bounty program with lots of interesting rewards! Our bug bounty program encourages players to find bugs within our gaming app and inform us so we can fix them. Rewards from 10 CGM to 1000 CGM will be passed on to the bug finders depending on the severity of the bug!


More importantly, please read carefully our user manual (how to play) and our disclaimer in the website before downloading and playing the game. We will block the IP and the deposit/withdraw activities from countries that are prohibited from gambling by law when the game is released officially, therefore you are warned not to download and play our gambling games if you are residing from those countries.


After all, while the market is going under a bearish period and most of the token holders are HODLING, as an user of CGCASINO you may still win BIG if you are a skillful player! Welcome and enjoy the game with others!


The official website for download and instant play: https://www.cgcasino.app

Press release: https://www.clickgem.com/updates-nov-21-2018-clickgem-casino-cgcasino-app-has-just-launched-the-beta-for-android-and-ios.html


Currently, we have created separate game servers for USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, NTY, etc..., we will continue adding more game servers for other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies soon!


We also welcome other projects to become partners in our project. We can add separate servers for crypto users to play directly using the coin/token of our partners. To find more information about our partnership program, please read here: https://www.clickgem.com/partnership.html


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question!

Looking forward to seeing you soon in CGCASINO!


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