There are different types of car wash systems, but the most popular one amongst all is the Automatic system. Most commonly known as Rollovers, this type of car washing is done in specific and primary locations where the volume of car washing is high. Such system is safe, fast and effective having different modes of operation as well. Self-service or standalone sites, automatic models can be friction method or touch free, and in some places, it is a combination of both the methods. The most significant attribute of this car washing system is that automatic rollovers are used while the car remains stationary in the wash bay.  

It is the best and perhaps the fastest way to get the exterior of a car washed where on an average basis ten to fifteen cars can be washed in an hour. You do not have to even wait for long to pay for the services enjoyed as you have to pay at the automated pay station which is usually located at the entrance of the wash bay. With such innovative, beneficial and useful feature no wonder this is the most popular system. There are different types of automatic car washing system available from which you can choose the one which suits for your car the most.     

Friction automatic car wash is a specific method in which the machine uses different varieties of wash materials which are determined by the car cleaners keeping the auto detailing in mind. Cloth or foam is usually used in such system where there may be a combination of both as well in some cases to clean the vehicle in a better way. These wash materials loosen the soils on the surface by agitating them when coming in contact with the surface. All the contaminants are effective with a final rinse of water which completes the car washing process with the best result.

Hybrid automatic car wash machine is a combination of both touch- free car wash system as well as the friction car cleaning process. The benefit of such combination is that the larger and wide surfaces of the car are cleaned through friction process while the small and harder to reach portions are cleaned through the touch free mechanism. With proper rinse throughout after the washing is complete, it produces the best shine which even the best hand wax polish could not have provided.      

The last of the automatic car cleaning system is the Touch-free automatic car wash. In this system water at very high speed and pressure is targeted to the vehicle that needs cleaning. Along with the water, the best quality car wash detergent is used to remove all the dust, dirt and grime from the surface of the car. The cleanliness quotient of such system largely depends on the proper combination of the car wash chemicals with water. Apart from that the quality of water also matters along with the dwell time, the temperature of the water, impingement and much more to produce the desired shine of the car after cleaning.    

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