There are different materials used to manufacture a shed, and you must consider several factors while determining the best material type suited for your garden workshop or anywhere else where you want to put it up. Temperature control, noise reduction, aesthetics and several factors should be taken into consideration while determining. The most common purpose for building a shed could be the ease of which it can be build and also for the extra storage space that you always required. The material type can be confusing and a difficult thing to choose though but when you consider the pros and cons of all the available materials then it might become a bit easier for you to make an informed decision.

Wooden sheds are most common in places where there is extreme cold and are also the most traditional material. It can be customized entirely according to the need and requirement, shape and size. You can match the color of the outside shed with the color of your house by painting it with the same color. Designing it with fancy window flower box or unique cupola can also enhance the beauty of the surroundings as well. Customizing from the inside, you can make as many cabinets and shelves as you want, create a loft area overhead for some added storage space. You just have to finish the walls of your wooden shed with properly covering the braces and beams to facilitate easy cleaning and prevent any unwanted bugs. They are expensive and are also very vulnerable to harsh weather and insects.

Another maintenance and regular painting are also required to prevent the peeling of it and thereby to expose to the elements of nature. There are different types of resin also sheds available in the market which is also categorized further into vinyl sheds, plastic sheds, and polyethylene sheds which have very high density. They are the newest kind of the block and are becoming very popular fast as it may even last a lifetime. Other beneficial reasons are that these types of sheds are lighter but stronger than wooden sheds.

To further enhance the strength and the durability, some manufacturers also use the double wall and integrated supports of steel. Resin sheds are less expensive, stain resistant, UV protected and maintenance free. They never rot or rust and never require painting. Easy to build and available in various sizes they require fewer tools and time to assemble, with little or no knowledge of carpentry. Resin sheds direct light in all corners but cannot bear much weight and cannot be shingled or painted to match the house.  

You can use metal sheds which are made from galvanized aluminum or steel. They are less expensive but are less strong than wood or resin. It is suitable for areas which are not stormy, have less moisture to minimize rust formation, and if you do not want an attractive shed outside. Available in different shades of color it also requires regular painting to prevent rusting. It is also not possible to customize a metal shed and is difficult to install. Therefore, the best option for you is to choose either resin or wooden shed.

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