After deciding the office environment, the office manager has to decide about the types of furniture required and their numbers. The type of furniture is decided only on the basis of nature of work performed by the employees and their designation. Mostly office work is indoor desk work. Therefore, adequate and suitable furniture should be provided in order to ensure efficient performance of work at the maximum speed.

Contemporary and quality furniture enhance the efficiency of employees. It increases the standing prestige of the office as well among the visitors. The cost of furniture should be considered as investments made in fixed assets because it is very hard to make a quick substitution. The term furniture includes office chairs, desks, workstation, tables, rakes, storage cabinets, reception desks cupboards, office flooring, and the like. The director should consider the fat of the extent of office space available for accommodating the furniture before buying any office furniture.

The following factors should be kept in mind while choosing the office furniture.

Cost: One of the most important factors in buying office furniture is the cost. You should always keep the budget in mind while purchasing office furniture. The cost should be reasonable and altogether within the limits of available money.

Suitability: The furniture is chosen on the basis of nature of job performed on them or the purpose for which they are required. It would be better if the furniture is adaptable to multipurpose usage.

Design: The design of the furniture should be functional as well as artistic. Design is related to the size of top, height, number of drawers etc.

Durability: Ordinary wooden furniture has longer life than steel furniture.

Saves Space: Furniture should be selected in such a way that it doesn’t occupy much floor space.

Comfortable: The efficiency and morale of employees are increased by providing comfortable furniture.

Appearance: The physical appearance of office furniture should be attractive and modern so that it adds to the look of the office.

Hygiene: It should be easy to clean the furniture and the floor under earth it.

by J. Denyer.

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