A clean, hygienic and sanitary office is a must if you want your business to attract professional clients and is very pivotal to the success of any business. Your customers expect to step into a conducive and welcoming workplace,and your employees will appreciate you for providing a conducive working environment for them. But the question of who exactly cleans your business will always crop up. Which commercial cleaning company is competent enough to properly clean your business?

One very smart way of handling your office building cleaning dilemma would be to outsource all things related to cleaning and housekeeping to a commercial cleaning company. Once you outsource your cleaning, you agree on a preferred cleaning time with the cleaning company and the company will, in turn, conduct a thorough cleaning of the office environment during the agreed time. Most commercial enterprises prefer cleaning done after the end of every workday. Also, the cleaning company automatically becomes responsible for housekeeping, tidying up the restroom, vacuuming the common office areas, restocking sanitary wares and taking out the trash.

There are many perks of hiring a commercial cleaning service. Businesses that do not want the extra hassles of managing an in-house cleaning company of their won can easily avoid the expenses when they choose to outsource their cleaning duties. In fact, outsourcing has been found to be more cost-effective,and the job is guaranteed to be done better and much quicker.


But what exactly should you be looking out for when you set out to hire a commercial cleaning company? well, from their reputation to expertise to their experience – these are all potential items that should be on your checklist before outsourcing your commercial cleaning to any company. below are six important criteria to look out for;


  1. Experience and Reputation

Trust and expertise are very important factors to take into consideration before hiring a business property cleaner. This is necessary due to the fact that the company’s employees will be in your building even after closing hours when most people would have vacated the premises. Again, the commercial cleaning company are expected to work diligently without any form of supervision.


How can you tell if you can trust a cleaning company to do nothing but clean the workplace? Well, asking these questions may help;

  • How Reputable: Go for a cleaning company that is reputable in your locality.
  • Who Do They service:Settle for a cleaning company that services a fair number of businesses in your area.
  • Do They Have References: Most established office cleaning services will be more than willing to share references with you.


  1. Employee Training and Screening

Professional commercial cleaning services are very particular about who they employ. They always ensure that their employees are trustworthy and very qualified for the job. In addition, they provide an extensive amount of training to ensure the quality and safety of all their employees. Office cleaning building services NJ is one of such cleaning services that are through with their training and screening.

Inquire from a potential cleaning service and be sure to understand the following:

  • How they Train Employees: Settle for a cleaning company that heavily trains their employees to be thorough, professional and safe while discharging their duties.
  • Screening Process: Find out the screening process and the kind of background checks that they carry out on their employees.
  • Frequency:Will there be a fixed set of employees cleaning your building daily or will there be a different person every time? Go for companies that send a constant set of employees to your facility.


  1. Variety of Service Offered

Are you seeking for just standing cleaning at set intervals throughout the week? Or are there special requires that your facility requires? Before settling for any company, be sure that they offer the services you need.

Some standard services a commercial cleaning company may offer include;

  • Cleaning and sanitation of the Bathroom and toilet
  • Refilling sanitary items (hand wash, toilet paper)
  • Mopping, vacuuming and sweeping
  • Recycling and trash removal
  • Dusting and general cleaning
  • Laundry and kitchen cleaning

In addition, some companies like the office building cleaning services NJ offer additional cleaning services such as carpet shampooing, floor waxing, seasonal disinfecting and hardware and computer cleaning services.





  1. Facility Types

Experience really matters in the commercial cleaning business and so it is vital that you ask the cleaning company if they have served a facility like yours in the past. Ask for a list of similar businesses or enterprises like yours that they service and ask them if they have serviced a similar sized workplace before. Some cleaning companies are pretty restricted in their area of specialty while some of them cover a wide range of commercial cleaning services that can span from industrial to medical.

Some commercial cleaning companies offer one-time cleaning jobs which are perfect for cleaning up after a renovation or event. Ensure you verify with the cleaning company before hiring them.


  1. Bonded and Insured

Professional and established commercial cleaning companies are normally insured and bonded. This is important as it absolves you of any blame or risk if an employee of the companygets injured on your premises. It is also wise to ask for business licensing and credentials too.


  1. Green-Cleaning Methods

If your organization is eco-friendly, they will be looking to work with a cleaning company that share their values by adopting only green cleaning practices. This can range from using low-power tools, safe disposal practices, to using microfiber tools to minimize waste and using only green cleaning products.


If you require commercial cleaning services in New Jersey, then office building cleaning services NJ have got all your commercial and office building cleaning needs covered.

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