Travelling to a city that is as big as Madrid to see all the things that it can offer will be a difficult task.  From the traditional local bars and restaurants to the museums, every part is teeming with Madrid tourist attractions that are capturing the interest of the travelers and the locals.  To enjoy your vacation to Madrid, we advise you to narrow your choices of things to do in Madrid.  Here are some of our recommendations.


Top 4 Things to Do in Madrid


Don’t worry if you can’t complete your travel itinerary when you visit to Madrid, you can always come back to visit the other tourist destinations in the country.


Plaza Mayor


The Plaza Mayor holds nearly 500 years of tradition and history.  It is for that reason why it is considered as the most popular square in Madrid.  It features an extensive arcade, spires and brick-red apartments.  The place also served as the host to public executions, bullfights, and other sporting events during the earlier times.  Today, the events that you can witness in this part of Madrid tourism are a lot tamer.  It is a dynamic place of cultural activities and local market.


Museo Del Prado


Museo Del Prado is the most celebrated museum in Spain which houses some of the most prominent art works that dates back to the 12th century up to the 19th century.  You may browse the work of arts displayed at the palatial halls.  Some of the masterpiece housed in this museum includes the magnum opus of El Greco, Francisco de Goya, and Diego Velasquez.  But the most prized collection of the Madrid tourist attractions would be the Las Meninas.


Parque Del Buen Retiro


Parque Del Buen Retiro also known as El Retiro is boasting on its French Garden, outdoor restaurant, and the extensive trails.  It is the perfect place to do people watching were athletes, and runners can be found all over the place.  But you don’t have to sweat to appreciate the things that the park can offer.  One of the prime destinations would be the Palacio de Cristal that is a greenhouse structure made from glass and iron.   Be sure to check the Madrid Tourism information before visiting this place to check whether there is an art exhibition currently on display. 


Palacio Real


In 1734, the major section of alcazar has burned down and the king that day who is Philip V chose to demolish the structure and build a different building as a replacement.  What came up was the biggest palace in the western part of Europe which is approximately twice the size of the Versailles Palace.  The place still remains as the venue of the royal celebration and functions.  Witnessing the ceremonial practice at the Palacio Real would be one of the things to do in Madrid that you shouldn’t miss. 


Apart from the places that we mentioned above, Madrid tourism is also popular for lavish late dining, vibrant street culture, café culture, and nightlife.  Check our list of recommended hotels in Madrid if you are planning to travel to Madrid.

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