Despite being a very small nation, Czech Republic doesn’t disappoint tourists who are looking forth to visit breathtaking places, enjoy natural beauties and immerse themselves into interesting cultures. Owing to its highly developed transit system, you can choose any means to get around the Prague city and other towns to enjoy the compelling rare-to-find beauties of the country.  Prague harbors an inordinate number of spellbinding amenities which is why there are a lot of things to do in Czech Republic.


  1. Prague Castle

This castle is located in the Hradčany neighborhood and it dates back from the 10th century when it used to house Roman Emperors, Kings and very recently, it housed the Czech’s president. It is a complex of compelling architectural amusements besides being a historical point where visitors can learn a lot about the leadership and ruling of Czech. The place has transformed architecturally and a lot of buildings have been constructed within its walls chief among them being the St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica and the Powder Tower. It is among the most important places to visit in Czech Republic because of the significance that it bears in the history of this nation.


  1. Charles Bridge in Prague

This bridge was built in 1357 and it covers the River Vltava. It is 520 meters long and it has many attractive points on its sides including statues and fine artworks. Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and John of Nepomuk are among the most iconic statues in on side of the bridge. The bridge is cool, calm and its height makes it to function as a view point where people can stand and watch the aerial view of the whole town. It plays a significant role in Czech Republic tourism because of the high volume of tourists it attracts.


  1. Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno


The Cathedral is known to be one of the iconic religious monuments in Czech Republic. Its splendid exterior is worth anybody’s attention owing to the outstanding designs that were put along with it, it has an enchanting look that pleases everyone. The cathedral crypts is a home to numerous tombs and remnants of the original city walls that used to exist before the building of the new and modern buildings. Even from far, the cathedral is easily recognized by the two 84-meter-high towers that are protruding above all the other buildings.


  1. ČeskýKrumlov Castle 

    Krumlov Castle contains forty buildings which entail palaces, castle courts, gardens and other peculiar structures that are worth exploring. Besides the Royal Apartments that stand firmly in this castle, there are also two other monuments namely the Rosenberg Ballroom and the Renaissance Hall which you can have a view of them when you visit the place. A lot of historic collections have been enshrined in this place which means you can learn a lot about the culture of Czech if you visit the krumlove palace.


    1. The Colonnades and Spas of Karlovy Vary


    Popularly known as the Karlsbad, the place is ideal for anyone is longing for a premium spa experience. It was established in 1358, and since then up to now, it has been accommodating and serving various dignitaries like Peter the Great, Chopin, and Goethe. Besides the spa, there are a lot of cultural practices like festivals and other exercises that are being practiced in this place.


    In conclusion, there are many things that you can do in Czech, it all depends with the aim of your tour.

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