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There is absolutely nothing in this world as enjoyable as having friends and family around you to make memorable moments that last a life time. In this busy day and age we all get so wrapped up in work life and having to juggle all the ins and outs it comes with, that we let such precious time slip through our fingers. In the daily battle to stay afloat by managing our time sufficiently enough to include the basic or bare minimum that take first priority, at least what we think should take priority is an ongoing saga. Maybe it’s time to sit back relax and enjoy the company of the ones you love, and I don’t mean by engaging in conversation on mobiles or any of its social media platforms, I mean engaging one on one embracing the actual laughter and feeling of sincerity and surety in the mood.

It might be time to take back our precious loved ones and the quality time we value, if the time we spend with them be it  a gathering for a lunch that bring us all together or any other event birthdays, anniversaries or simply a get together reunion at grandmas house. we all know that food is the key elements to having a enjoyable relaxed time as we all like to indulge and what better way to do so than with the ones you love and care about and the tasty food provided.

We at Excellent Spitbraaivalue customers and want to help create the memorable moments and be a part of successfully satisfying our clients. We have made events a lot easier and convenient for each and every individual. The delightfully fresh array of sides that go with the juicy succulent meat that is slow cooked and tender to the bone can have nothing less than the best to accompany it not to mention choice and variety. Choose spitbraai at the next get together, rid your mind of the misconception we all to well have us put off by the idea of the catering style, the main one is price! time to take our blinkers off and try something new. Guaranteed to be every entertainers dream, with all cutlery dinning wear chairs you name it all the food being freshly prepared by the caterer  while having the freshly cooked meat turn on the rotisseries to bring in that inviting aroma, which is sure to get the conversation going quite easily .

If that’s not enough then prepared to have your hat blown as we serve up the food at perfect temperatures thanks to our equipment. We clean up and then say our good buys as the day fades and you are left to recap on the topics and freely visit parts of the conversations you never missed.

For more information please visit http://excellentspitbraai.co.za/

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