You may be surprised to know that there is not one governing body which regulates and controls the activities of the nail industry and therefore it would be wrongon your part to assume that a nail salon having a license would have all the characteristics of the best salon. Therefore, to get rid of the misconception and to choose the Best nail salons in Manhattan you should know the characteristic features of them. Ideally, a nail salon requires two different types of license, one for each of the nail technicians and one for the business as a whole. Such license can only be obtained after sitting and passing the required examination as laid down by the state.

There are a lot of requirements involved which you should be aware of like the standards to be maintained, no fungus and staph exposures, proper sanitation and sterilization and a number of safe practices. Therefore, to get the Best Manicures in Manhattan you must consider the ratings of the salon and then evaluate the salon before visiting. Any safe salon would be happy to take you through the sanitation protocol and market it as well. it is mandatory and mentioned in the state laws that proper washing and sanitation is required for both the customer as well as the technician before starting.

You would also come across many East Manhattan Nail Salons that use single use and disposable gloves which are latex free as well and the technicians make sure that they wear it before every service provided. It is considered to the best practice by the safe salons and apart from the single use disposable latex free gloves used by the technicians they also use pedicure liners, single use files, buffers as well to maintain safety during the entire process. In some cases salons may not use pedicure tub liners altogether and in such cases you may opt for dry pedicure to be on the safe side.

There are a number of new germs that come up every day and therefore Manhattan best manicure places and salons should be abreast with the latest updates and be educated about the current sanitation process to be followed as per the state’s regulation. You may also ask for the proof of such education that the salon technician may have had recently. All the metal tools and implements used for providing manicure and pedicure should be sterilized using autoclave to kill any germs or microorganisms and spores. Just using a sealed nag may not be enough for sterilization.

The technician of a good salon would be accessible and listen to your need and requirement and therefore, choose someone with whom you can communicate well. You may feel that it is best to carry your own tools along with you while getting your manicure done by a professional in a salon but that may not be an easy and advisable option. Many states do not allow you to do so and the salon itself may deny doing so. Therefore, you should be careful about the sterilization features of the salon to be safe.

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