"There might be hardly any other occupation like gardening where, if you decide to creep up behind someone at their work, you will locate them smiling."

Cape Town South Africa is really a gardener's paradise. Having a temperate coastal climate everything grows from tomatoes to mangoes.  It really is never too hot, never freezing; nearly always perfection.  The wintertime rains soak the sandy soil as well as the brilliant summer sun fills the sky both collaborating to produce a present day Garden of Eden in each and every backyard plot, expansive vineyard and sweeping field.

A harvest is obviously the gardener's goal.  For just one, it may be a bounty of prized tomatoes.  For an additional maybe top rated bottle of wine.  Whatever the end goal, there exists a process which should not be dismissed Success demands it.

1. Turn the Soil

Most gardens begin in weedy, rocky, hard trodden soils. Baked from thesun, trampled by foot, chiseled naturally, the "soil" must be ready for its new mission.  It requires back breaking effort, plenty of manure and abundant time before anything could be sown.

2. Sow Seeds

Your day finally comes once the seeds can meet that beautifully prepared, mission ready soil. And there is absolutely no day that can compare with it. Your hands eases with the supple ground. You are feeling it's welcome. Because the seed finds its place a feeling of hope arises. Excitement fills your soul. You understand a miracle is going to be revealed.

3. Water

Since the seeds are nestled within their new house, it really is time for water; that precious answer to all life. Nature provides her luscious drops of life despite the fact that sometimes delivered with the end of the garden hose. While you watch each drop soak in to the soil, wrapping each sown seed in the life-giving embrace, you are aware that life is going to spring forth. Your heart jups with expectant joy.

4. Sunshine

The sun must shine. Like nature's incubator, it has to coax the brand new life forth, calling it to burst with the fertile ground and start its new journey. Each warm ray being vital towards the end goal of abundant harvest is really a hand around the shoulder from the gardener who eagerly awaits your day the first green sprout is observed.

5. Weeds and Pests

You will find enemies lurking at night depths of the carefully, lovingly prepared soil. They wait to devour the seedlings because they rise from your darkness. They also are eager; themselves loving the brand new soil where they now grow, enjoying each droplet water and each warm ray of sunshine, embracing all of them as chance to seize control; to get their wicked way. They may be robbers and they have to be controlled.

A lot of things grow within the garden which were never sown there. ~Thomas Fuller, Gnomologia, 1732

6. More Fertilizer andWater

Because the roots expand, because the lush green sprouts reach higher in to the sky, they devour the nutrition and thirst quenching water you've so lovingly provided. Soon, they beg, they demand, they scream for additional. More, more, more. They would like to thrive. You would like them to thrive. It really is almost time for you to bear fruit. This can be a critical moment.

7. More Sun

Sunlight must still shine now maybe more than ever before as those blossoms burst forth using the greatest commitment of all.  Now each warm ray of sunshine introduces a brand new player, natures army of propagation.  The fragile yet powerful honey bee arrives around the brilliant rays of light.  They now retain the future within their hands.

8. More Weed and Pest Management

Those enemies grow stronger, more voracious, more tenacious than in the past. Now could be not enough time to allow them to gain the top hand.  This is the time ofawareness. Gardeners beware!

9. Time

Tick- tock, tick- tock.  Natures soundtrack. When all continues to be done, when all is established and secure, once the job is complete the time takes control.  Those luscious clusters of grapes, the green orbs of tomatoes, the golden ears of corn, the velvety lobes of eggplant need time for you to get ready for the harvest.  A full day is near and perfection is the goal.  So that as you wait, witnessing the daily evolution to harvest day, a song starts to stir within your heart. Celebration is near which is certain. Tick- tock.  Tick-tock. It really is almost time!

The harvest is near.

10. Harvest Day

It really is here. Your day has finally arrived. Your excitement has reached new heights. Joy floods your soul. Victory is going to be up to you. The fruits of the labors await your selection. Exactly what a beautiful day this really is; natures finest. She pulled out all of the stopswith this day. Your partnership has succeeded. Exactly what a blessing! What an amazing journey!

I cultivate my garden, and my garden cultivates me. ~Robert Brault

The harvests of goals and dreams within our lives is little different. Yes, the physical elements usually are not exactly the same however the process, the key remains. In the end, we are part of nature too.

And thus, while you expect in your own life, remember these 10 steps. They apply. In the event you embrace them, not forsaking a 1, never growing tired, never succumbing to weariness or boredom using the journey, always tenacious, always expectant, always aware, embracing time with patience and hope, you will get the harvest you seek.

You are going to!

What exactly are you planting within your garden? What harvest are you currently expecting? I'd sure like to know. And perhaps we too, like nature as well as the gardener, can collaborate for the harvest reward! It sure will be an onor for me personally!

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