We often take our washing machines for granted. A touch of a button and it does the hard work for us. However, it’s not always been so easy and the washing machine we know today has come a long way from the original. If your washer isn’t functioning as it should, get in touch with the Appliance Doctor. Here is some information about the history of the washing machine in Manhattan.


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Before washing machines were invented it was all performed by hand. Ancient civilizations would use rocks or sand in streams to clean. Then in 1797 the scrub board was designed which involved a similar process. James King created the first washing machine that used a drum in 1851. It looks similar to what we know today, however, was hand powered and required a lot of work. Progress was made in 1858 when Hamilton Smith patented the rotary washer. William Blackstone built on this in 1874 and created a device which used water to remove dirt from the laundry.

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In 1908 the washing machine began to use electricity to operate. The first electric machine was called ‘The Thor’ and used a drum, electric motor and galvanized tub to wash clothes. Modern washers made an appearance in the early 1990s as microcontrollers were used to time the load.


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Since then computer technology has been used to make the appliance work smarter. In 1990 Fisher & Paykel released its Smart Drive washer which used technology to evaluate the load size and perform to match. Washing machine manufacturers continue to improve their models to work efficiently. The Appliance Doctor has seen many different washers over the years and has the knowledge to fix them so they can serve you for a long time.


Washing Machine Repair NYC have evolved over time into the contemporary appliance in most households today. If you have problems with your washer, contact the Appliance Doctor in Manhattan today.


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