Canada is a country sharing the land border of the US.  In case you have only visited some of the iconic landmark of the country such as the Niagara Falls, CN Towers, and Rocky Mountains, there are lots of things that you are missing.  Visiting the less popular part of the Canada tourism will expand your knowledge about the country.  Explore the different side of country by travelling to the other unique destination of Canada.


4 Top Things to Do in Canada


Here are some parts of Canada that you need to visit.




Vancouver is a young city, but that doesn’t mean that it is no longer a worthy place to visit.  The things that it lacks on its history are easily compensated by its enthralling scenery.  It is surrounded by the beaches and the mountains which makes it a natural and urban playground.  It is a majestic location with a stunning backdrop which is why it is always the setting for the popular television and film shows like Twilight Saga and the Supernatural.   But the things to do in Canada are not just for the pop-culture junkie.  Vancouver is also a place for the thrill seekers.  You may go on a skiing adventure, rafting, biking, and kayaking.




Toronto is a cosmopolitan city; for the first timers, Toronto may just look like a big city with skyscrapers and the streets that are bustling with different people.  But look at it at a different perspective, and you will realize that Toronto is one of the most diverse places in the world.  According to the statistics, half of its population cannot be considered as native since they are born outside the city.  They have at least 200 ethnic factions who speak 140 languages. Some of the things to do in Toronto include visiting the Chinatown, Koreatown, Little Town, and Greek Town.




In case you are yearning to experience the life of the Swiss, but you do not have the time for the extensive flight, the Banff will give you that opportunity.  With its strategic location, it will not only decrease the time of your flight, but it will also greatly reduce your expenses.    Banff is a perfect place for the travelers who want to end their tiring and busy day on a hotel than on the campground.  Some of the best things to do in Canada include hiking to the enormous limestone formation that the locals called as hoodoo and biking at the Healy Creek.




You may not have an adequate budget for a European Vacation, but if you still want to enjoy the 17th and 18th-century architectural structure, then Quebec would be the perfect place to go.  This place has been attracting a large number of travelers annually due to the World Heritage Site, which is a major part of Canada tourism.  This is a place that emanates the culture of France, from the soaring cathedrals to the cobblestone streets that will mystify different travelers.


For a complete list of destinations and things to do in Canada, be sure to keep posted on our site.


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