Jordan is the jewel of the Middle East. While the rest of the Middle East is in unrest and chaos, Jordan tourism is still growing. It is advisable that you stay very far away from the Iraqi and Syrian borders and public demonstrations. There are Jordan tours that make traveling more comfortable because they try to avoid areas of unrest. Here are five exciting things to do in Jordan.


1. Visit Amman


Amman is a thriving city, which is worth spending at least a few days in. There are many markets that you can explore, and you can enjoy shisha at one of the many bars. You should also visit the King Abdullah Mosque. Some of the best food can be found at the Hashem Restaurant, which is an outdoor café that is packed with locals most of the time.


2. Feynan Eco-Lodge


Feynan Eco-Lodge is a great luxury retreat that focuses on protecting Jordan's natural wildlife and its environment. You can hire a guide or join Jordan tours at the lodge that will take you on a hike through the reserve, which points out local plants and the ruins. During the night, you can enjoy the stars without light pollution, along with a fresh cup of tea.


3. Wadi Rum


The Wadi Rum is a desert valley that is filled with natural stone arches, towering cliffs, and narrow gorges. The area was the home of Bedouins, which is where people lived over 12,000 years ago. Wadi Rum is also linked to Lawrence of Arabia because there are the Seven Pillars of Wisdom that Lawrence named in his autobiography.


4. Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is very special because it filled with so much salt that you can float in the water. There are many hotels in the area, so you can enjoy the sea. The Dead Sea is also known for the healing properties of its water and sand. There are many spas that use the water and sand in their treatments. You can also make your own mud mask with the sand. It is recommended that you take some fresh water with you to the beach because the high salt levels can sting at times.


5. Jerash


If you are a fan of Roman architecture, you should take a visit to Jerash. Jerash is one of the most preserved Roman cities in the world. The city dates back 6,500 years and was very important because it was a major part of the Roman trade route. The area’s dry climate has allowed the ruins to stay untouched. The excavations of the city started in 1925. Today, Jerash is one of the best examples of Roman architecture that is located outside of Rome.


There are plenty of things to do in Jordan outside of Petra. While the rest of the Middle East is in chaos, Jordan has remained the calm in the storm. If you are worried about traveling in the Middle East, Jordan tours can be the answer for your next vacation.

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