Once you arrive to Porto, you will find a romantic city with vibrant life and interesting museums to visit. If you already don’t know it, UNESCO has declared Porto as a World Heritage Site. Therefore, it is best to make a list in order to visit all the worth-seeing places and make sure you engage into all the fun things to do in Porto.


Among the Portugal tourism, Porto stands out with its unparalleled beauty.  Visit Casa da Musica one of the most important architectural constructs that is currently used as a music hall, a true masterwork by the world famous architect Rem Koolhaas.


Porto’s most visible landmark is Torre dos Clerigos, and it should be among the monuments you visit during your Portugal tourism. You will need strength and patience in order to climb it 240 steps in order to enjoy a breathing 360 view from the top of the tower.


For the ones interested for sightseeing Porto, the Dom Luis I Bridge is not to be missed. It is a modern structure that truly worth your admiration. Walk to the bridge while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the hospitable locals who are also taking their walk.


When engaging to a Portugal tourism, you know from the beginning that among the sightseeing Porto several cathedrals will also be included. Therefore, make sure you will visit the beautiful church of Sao Francisco. Decorated with a Baroque style, the infinite gold will definitely impress you. Amazing wooden artifacts can be found inside. There is, of course, a museum that you can also visit with other important treasures.


One cannot go sightseeing Porto without visiting the Cais da Ribeira, Porto’s riverside. Follow the narrow streets in order to discover beautiful little shops and cafes. With Douro River literally in your feet, heighten all your senses with the beautiful colors and smells.


Especially for the football enthusiasts, Porto has a well-known, respected football team, FC Porto. Estadio do Dragao is their home stadium and is actually a very impressing visit for those who can really appreciate it. If you are a football fan, this is definitely going to the things to do in Porto.


Se’s Cathedral


Though your sightseeing Porto should include many different points of interest, the cathedrals are an impressive landmark. What appears to look like a fortress is hiding a magnificent 12th-century cathedral. After absorbing all this beauty along with the city’s amazing view, just take the granite staircase and visit the chapterhouse which also has a detailed tile work. There is also a small chapel to the left you should visit as well.


Each visitor has his own preferences on what exactly to see. It is always best to make a search for all the preferred things to do in Porto before arrive so as to not waste any time trying to figure it out. One thing is for sure. Anything you choose to do while sightseeing Porto will definitely amaze you.

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