Illinois is also known as the State of Firsts where the first Ferris wheel has been erected together with the first skysail.  This state is named upon the adjacent river and is renowned worldwide for its memorable sights and outstanding museums, incredible foods, and extensive shops.  This place is definitely the paradise of every traveler.  It is also the biggest city in the United States and attracts millions of travelers annually.  Take a look at some of our recommended Illinois Attractions that you should visit.


Interesting Things to Do in Illinois


Towering skyscrapers, drive-in theaters, and Abraham Lincoln are the first things that cross your mind when you heard about the Prairie State.  Historical travelers will definitely enjoy the top-notch museums and different historical sites that is scattered all over the city.


Millennium Park


Measuring at about 25 acre, the Millennium Park is a stunning gathering area that is situated at the heart of Chicago which serves as the town square of the metropolis.  The ground of the park has been landscaped in order to host different cultural events such as family activities, exhibitions, and concerts.  During summer, the place is packed with families who are trying to cool off from the humid weather.  The park is also one of the tourist attractions in Illinois where you can enjoy beautiful architecture and arts.


Leaning Tower


For budget travelers who can’t travel to Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, there is a miniature tower that resembles the grandiose view of the leaning tower.  Constructed in the year 1934, the Leaning Tower of Niles has opened a great relationship between Pisa and Niles.  The tower was a major part of the amusement park, and it is initially used to cover the water tower.  Admission is totally free, and visitors can take any photos or enjoy listening to the open-air concert in one of the most enthralling Illinois Attractions.


Lincoln’s Presidential Library and Museum


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum was established last 2005, and it quickly became the most frequented presidential library in the whole United States.  The museum features 2-theater shows with special effects and dioramas that depict the historic event in the life of Abraham Lincoln.   Visiting the temporary exhibit is also one of the best things to do in Illinois which highlights various topics such as the past politicians and the Civil war. 


Botanic Garden


The Chicago Botanic Garden has an area of about 385 acre that is boasting with 27 garden that display living plants.   The garden has been divided into 4 habitats and travelers may access this destination wither by walking or riding on a tram.  Admission is also free, but the non-members will be charged for the parking space.  The flower shows, live music, and cooking shows are also considered as tourist attractions in the Chicago Botanical Garden.


For a complete list of different things to do in Illinois, don’t forget to check out our other articles related to Illinois.  We also have a complete travel guide that will make your travel experience painless and completely hassle-free.

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