The country of Sweden is more than just the design shop and the snowy forest.  If you know where to look at, there are amazing things that await you in the country.  From hopping down the different local cafes in Gothenburg and Stockholm to dog sledding, Sweden tourism has a lot to offer to the travelers.   Unfortunately, this is a country that is often missed since most travelers prefer the Eastern, Central and Southern part of Europe.  Apart from its stunning city and commanding landscape, you may also enjoy the educated population of Sweden and a profound culture and history that is older that the culture of North America.


Top Things to Do in Sweden


If you are still not convinced that Sweden is a better choice compared to the other major tourist destinations in Europe, here is a quick list of the top places to visit during your trip to Sweden.




Stockholm is not only celebrated as Scandinavia’s capital, but it is also considered as one of the most dazzling cities all over the world.  The city was erected where the lake touches the sea and with more than 10 centuries of remarkable culture and history.  The exciting combination of innovative spirit, ancient tradition and history and the majestic scenery give this place a unique charm and character which makes it one of the major tourist drawers of Sweden Tourism.




Gothenburg is a small yet captivating city, and it serves as West Sweden’s Capital.  During your trip to Sweden, you will have the opportunity to walk on the vast open spaces or the historical cobbled street of Haga or explore the canals of Gothenburg.  This is also the place in Sweden where you will find the largest botanical garden that is filled with approximately 16,000 species.  Gothenburg also offers you the perfect opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the local culture.  They have multiple sprawling restaurants, museums, and unique local markets.





Malmo is a multi-cultural city that is packed with amazing energy and considered as the largest city in the Skane.  Over the years, Malmo has successfully transformed into a multi-faceted city teeming with strong social character, innovative architectural structure, and prime cultural offerings.   This city offers you a chance to enjoy the locally produced drink and food and shop without any guilt.  Malmo also has upscale shopping center and world-renowned organic restaurant.  Experiencing the mouth-watering and healthy local delicacies in Malmo is one of the best things to do in Sweden.




In case you visited Gothenburg, and you want to experience a totally diverse surrounding, we recommend you to visit Marstrand.  The place is only 1-hour ride away from Gothenburg which will welcome you to a luxurious and intriguing history.  The place is considered as the favorite playing ground of the rich and celebrities.  The grandiose vistas are nestled at the Carlsten Fortress overlooking the colorful landscape of the island and the sailing boats at the sea that comes in varying sizes, colors, and shapes.


Your trip to Sweden will be exciting once you consider our recommendations.  For other travel guide about Sweden, be sure to read our recommendations on hotels, restaurants and other destination that you have to visit in Sweden.

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