When it comes to what to do in California, there are more than ten exciting things that you can do. It is, therefore, shrewd for you to pick the things that you find most exciting and make sure that you are pursuing them. 


For instance, if you want to drive and see the beautiful city, then driving through the golden gate bridge should give you an experience like no other. The Sea World is another one of the most exciting California attractions that will not disappoint you once you get there. You will get to watch amazing marine life including dolphin shows that will simply blow your mind away. 


The Redwood National Park that has redwood trees growing over a large patch of unpolluted land can be a magnificent place, especially for hiking lovers. Another one of the most exciting things to do in California is visiting the Santa Catalina Island that is known for its amazing yacht and boat rides. 


You can get to camp, swim, and go on a deep-sea fishing expedition as well as kayaking. In short, you can never go wrong with choosing to spend your vacation in this part of California.


How to Decide On What to Do in California


There are plenty of California attractions to experience in a single visit. Therefore, it is always important to make up your mind on exactly what you want. 


You can either research on the internet or read a genuine guidebook and go with exactly what you feel you want to be doing. If you feel like enjoying the wild, nice trees, rocky hills and lots of fresh air, then Yosemite National Park should be your next stop.


If you have kids or if you are young at heart, visiting Disneyland in Anaheim will most definitely be the most exciting part of your journey. You should also check out how much you have because you might end up spending impulse for the entire day because, well, it’s Disneyland!!!!

If you are the kind of person who enjoys nature and amazing landscapes, then visiting the Death Valley or the Big Sur will be something you can include in your things to do in California list.


In summary, your personal preferences, as well as vacation budget, should be the determining factor on what to do in California.  


The Other Less Popular California Attractions


As earlier stated, there are plenty of things to do in California and all of this is thanks to the many attractions that are available. If you are into architecture, nature or good exotic food, then you can never get confused when it comes to what to do in California.


If it's your very first time and you would like to see any of the above stated California attractions, it is always an important thing for you to get a good guide who will help you find your way around. 


But if you happen to is an adventurous soul, then you will most definitely have the time of your life touring this magnificent city on your own.

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