It is of paramount importance that you make sure to stay within range when it comes to daily intake of each macronutrient. We have already covered this in a previous article that you can find here for further detail.


While most weight loss apps and calorie intake calculators only focus on the overall number of calories, the CleverCalories methodology, built on a new approach to lose weight, is about clever eating style with a hassle-free, fail-proof system that leaves no room for error.


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Apart from showing you the best foods for weight loss and give you your FQ score (Food Quotient), as a main feature of the app, there’s an analysis of your daily macronutrient intake. Upon analysis, you would get a report that tells you whether your intake of every macronutrient (protein, carbs, fiber, sugar, and saturated fats) falls within or off the range. The report would also point out which risks and diseases you might get yourself into if you don’t respect those recommendations.


Focus on Carbs* Quality (and quantity):


*N.B.: the word “carbs” herein refers to naturally occurring, complex carbohydrates.


Carbs are the main energy source for the whole body and especially to the brain. They are a component in the backbone of DNA and RNA, and form the carbohydrate part of certain proteins and lipids that play a role in intercellular communication. The body also needs carbs for fat oxidation (to burn fats).


After suspecting protein, then fats, there’s now an increasing medical literature pointing toward carbs as the main culprit in obesity and overweight. And there’s scientific debate suggesting the problem might be more linked to carbs quality than quantity.


To get the “healthy” fuel needed for your body, brain and organs, stick to carbs found naturally in food sources as in whole cereals such as maize, wheat, and rice; tubers such as potato, cassava, sweet potatoes; legumes (peas, beans, lentils, buckwheat). But how much is too much of carbs? Well, aside from quality, there’s a range that you should shoot for, and CleverCalories recommends that your daily intake of carbs falls within that range:


(BMR x 0.45)/4 (g) —— Min.


(BMR x 0.65)/4 (g) ——-Max. (BMR: Basal Metabolic Rate)


Read through to know why you should keep your carbs intake within that range.


Carbs Overconsumption:


The body breaks carbs down into glucose before it’s used as fuel. Too much carbs means excess glucose that gets stored as fat. So weight gain (overweight or obesity) is the most obvious issue with carbs overconsumption. Another issue is the rise of blood sugar and, subsequently, insulin secretion and, ultimately type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Also associated with carbs overconsumption are high triglycerides levels and lowHDL cholesterol levels (increased risks of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases). Not to mention some “minor” discomforts, such as digestive problems (constipation) and dental caries.


Carbs Deficiency:


If you are following a restrictive diet, suggested by one of the diet apps out there, and you dip below the daily recommended minimum of carbs intake, prepare for some health complications. If you drop below the recommended intake, prepare for hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, general fatigue, headaches, dizziness, mood swings, palpitations. In severe cases, very-low carbs intake cause muscles atrophy, reducedstamina, neurological and cerebral damage.


Faced with carbs deficiency, the body starts synthesizing sugar from lipids and some amino acids, after depletion of stored glycogen. You might say “that’s actually great, I’d lose weight that way!” Not so fast! That’s the basic philosophy of “counting calories” and “eat less” that, to say the least, is misleading. You may well experience some weight loss in the beginning, then your body, as always, tries to adapt and fight for survival. One of the body’s countermeasures is slowing down the metabolism, and any weight loss would stop.


Don’t fret! CleverCaloriers help you get your carbs intake in the ballpark to ensure you are on the fastest way to lose weight without compromising your health. The toughest part for you is downloading the app, and we’ll take it from there!


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